Our training team go above and beyond the minimum mark when teaching, to give dogs and handlers the confidence they require to do the job to a high standard.

They enjoy watching handlers, owners and dogs develop.

There is no substitute for experience, and we will try to give you as much experience as possible on all our courses. Relaxed and professional training is our goal.

The courses run by us are kept to small groups and at a good price. They are run regularly and with a flexible payment option.

Take a look at the courses we offer below.



We run courses all year round and have a great training team that bring a whole range of experience. The majority of our courses are aimed at those wanting to work in the security industry as a dog handler but courses like canine first aid are for every dog owner, and always recommended if you own a dog. We ensure that handlers on courses have all questions answered and walk away confident to do the job. We train handlers well above the recommended standards and no questions are unanswered.

For those without a suitable dog when wanting to take a course, course dogs are available at no extra cost to yourself, you wont have to do kennel routine or worry about accommodating and feeding them. We use our training ground and local venues to vary the environment so scenarios can be more realistic to the job.

It almost goes without saying being a veteran owned and run business that 10% discount can be applied for any of HM Forces past and present. All of our prices already include VAT and fees.

See our list of courses below. We run these regularly under NASDU but we can under NTIPDU if you whish.

Canine First Aid

Intructors are qualified under Protrainings and this course can be accredited for a very small cost.

4 hours in one day

£ P.O.A

Level 2 General Purpose Security Dog Handler

60 Guided learning hours, over 7 consecutive days


Level 3 General Purpose Security Dog Handler

100 Guided learning hours

£ P.O.A

Level 3 Drugs Detection Handler

Passive/Proactive can be taught together or separately

100 Guided learning hours individually or 150 combined

£ P.O.A

Level 3 Tobacco Detection Handler

100 Guided learning hours, over 15 days


Level 3 Pyrotechnics Detection Handler

100 Guided learning hours, over 15 days


Level 4 Explosives Detection Handler

150 Guided learning hours, over 1 month


Bespoke Courses

Courses made for specific reasons

£ P.O.A

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