Pet Dog Training

Do you want to know why other peoples dogs are more well behaved? Or can do something yours cant?

They trained it.

Many owners with dogs will just accept the fact that their dog doesn't listen or avoid a certain issue completely. This can be stressful and not totally healthy for all parties involved.

Or does your dog just need something to spend their energy on after being at home all day, a day out doing something fun or learning something new?

Then grab that collar and lead and get down here! Or if you cant get here, check out our online training portal.

Pet Dog Training

Pet dog training

We offer our services and experience to pet dog owners for all manner of problems or for the more simple obedience and agility sessions. If there is something not listed below, it doesn't mean we cant help you, send us a message and we will see what we can do. Our head trainer is a recognised Master Trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers.

When it comes to training we know not everyone is a wizard at it, we will help you and tell you why we use chosen the methods we use to help you and your dog. Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing why your doing it is another. We keep our egos out of training and regularly keep our team up to date by ensuring they are training themselves. We want nothing but happy dogs and owners confident in using the training techniques taught to them.

Behaviour Modification

Our head trainer has a good deal of experience when it comes to dealing with dogs that show unwanted aggressive behaviour in one way or another. Often it can be something that the owners aren't seeing or are unaware of due to lack of knowledge. This is why when we train with your dogs we point out the issues, then explain why we choose to use the methods we do, and then ensure you can carry these on when you are at home.


Obedience training can often be overlooked. Its the bedrock of training, it initially helps form a bond between new dogs and handlers and basic obedience should still be practiced regularly. From teaching a new behaviour through to proofing it. It shouldn't be frustrating and learning new things should be enjoyable. So If you are struggling in getting basic obedience or not getting the new behaviour you are trying to teach, let us help.


Agility isn't just something you see down at cruft's. We think all dogs should be able to enjoy some agility. Running up, over and through obstacles can really help develop a strong dog both physically and mentally, helping with boiling confidence. We have plenty of agility kit on a large field to give you the space to run around (or walk) and let your dog enjoy it. We have other forms of kit that will also test the confidence of your dog and help it develop. We are no cruft's experts when it comes to agility but all our dogs love a agility session and walk away happy and a bit tired.

Puppy Training

If you have recently added to your family with your first, second or even 10th puppy we can help you build up a puppy that will be a delight to have at home or even work with. We can provide you with the knowledge that can prevent issues further down the line. Help with socialising, confidence building, obedience all plays a part in the early stages. We want to help, to make sure you get it right for you and your dog.

Scentwork UK

This is something new that is coming soon. Scentwork UK is detection style training and trials for pet dog owners. Similar to what you see the dogs doing at airports and customs. Being working detection handlers, we know how rewarding this type of work can be, which is why we are currently training 2 of our team to become officially qualified to run these sessions.

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