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A fresh start!

Wow what a month (already)!

So late in august we finally had our planning permission approved (as you can most likely see from my last blog post), but we were still waiting on the solicitors to pull their finger out so we could polish off the 2nd ½ of our huge new start! Well it’s finally happened, we now own 100% of our company, for those who aren’t aware, the armatus risks group used to own 50% but now we’ve stepped away and are going it alone. With this leap, we decided a good old tidy up and modernisation was in order so have rebranded (albeit slight) with a new logo and a new(ish) name Armatus Canine, nice and short! we kept the armatus part as it’s Latin for equipped or prepared which we like to think we are!

so what does this mean for you?

it means, we’ve got the reigns, so we can get on and do all the things we want and to make more services and better facilities for you guys as well as us! Those who saw our previous training area will have quite the shock when you see the new one it’s a lot better and changing by the day!

so keep the requests coming, if you want a service, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you but there are already big plans!

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