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AANNNDDDD we are back!

So we are back to training face to face, and things have gone mental!! We are booking out almost every day at the moment, We have old faces and new, 3 fully booked GP courses, so better organise some more of those i guess!

We teamed up with InterK9 to lay on a couple detection days, Wayne does cool things and will be running Drugs detection that day, but he's also a ScentworkUK trainer so will have a bit of something for literally everyone, by the time we have explosives, pyrotechnics & tobacco too!

Mia is back in 'The North' so keep an eye out for pet and agility fun and games! As well as her being pushed around by 40kg German Shepherds!

The request list for videos is getting low so please keep them coming and lets get some more up for you all, we uploaded 5 new ones over the weekend and I'd like to add 5 more this week! We will start with some slightly more advanced videos over the comings weeks as we can now get training and get the team together!

Please keep the word spreading, remember we are open to everyone, pets, workers, sports, competition dogs, the absolute lot!

The wonderful Kyte (Wheels to her friends) visited us today! We love this old lady, wheel chair warrior extreme!

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