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All new!!

So this week we’ve been filming like mad, our new pet trainer is on board and has set up her first event, we have a guest trainer filming some videos (her first one is up) and we have FINALLY began building.

the new office and classroom are in place, we just need tidied up, hooked up and plumbed in and they’re good to go on that front. The next stages are beginning already too, with some more environmental stations being delivered built and adapted over the next week.

trina, our new pet trainer, comes from a rescue and a veterinary nursing back ground, having worked at blue cross, a dangerous dog & boarding kennels, as well as working in veterinary practice running puppy playgroups and helping vets with their handling of nervous dog’. Trina is a positive trainer and loves to see young or tricky dogs develop, she currently works part time in a local rescue helping to rehabilitate some of their dogs, so she’s perfect to be helping you guys with your dogs and will no doubt really shine in her new role. She will be doing mainly weekend and evening classes in order to help working owners fit in their training, she is however, a little camera shy so you won’t see much of her on here.

Scott will be applying for his NASDU trainer qualifications over the next couple months so he will be helping me with that side of training so I can focus more on the behavioural cases.

I finally received my certificate for my canine nutrition course, only finished about 3 months ago. last but not least I start uni next week 😬 I signed up for my degree in canine behaviour, which is a bit of a step up from my level 4 that I already hold. So wish me luck, I’m hoping to be able to have you guys join me along the way, using my portal videos to help me with my course work and my progression.

keep the video nominations coming.... remembering we now have even more dogs with even more dogs on hand in order to get a better variety.

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