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Almost there...

So it's the evening before the big launch and this is probably the most anxious I've been in a good while. With a team of solid dog trainers, but super average video presenters this is most definitely out of all of our comfort zones!

We have had about 3000000 phone calls, messages and emails between us all discussing what to film and what is absolutely useless, also who best to do the video and what dog (as we have about 30 between the 4 of us).

We are so keen to make sure this is a really useful resource and is something that dog owners everywhere can make use of, that it really has piled the pressure on us. We never had a clue how difficult it would be to film and produce, let alone the tech knowledge that we would need in order to get it off of the ground! Scott has been chained to his PC all week deleting our nonsense, rambling, swearing and other 'non ideal' bits from our videos!

All of the dogs are already looking at us like crazy people for going back over things they have known for ages or for training them an absolutely random thing to show the stages needed in a video. The few of us with Mali/Herders also have several holes in us too!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow …. we hope you enjoy it!!

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