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And so it begins....

And so it begins..

Thank you all SO much, from all of us! We honestly didn’t expect this much support straight off the bat, your all legends! After last nights restless night, wondering if we had everything right or whether this was a terrible idea, it’s really filled us with confidence to see how many of you have joined us on this journey! I promise that the portal will be constantly updated, content added and the more feedback we get from you guys, the better we can make it! We really want this to be a useful tool for everyone with a dog, so that you can all become the human your dog thinks you are :) Thank you again, and please keep that feedback coming, video requests and problems as well as the positives 😁! Please feel free to share the page with your friends and let’s get these dogs entertained, the forum is a free for all chat, so go nuts and fire questions or just have a conversation in there!

Big love to you all..... now we rest before we get back to it tomorrow!

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