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It’s been AGES!!

I am soooo sorry! Sept and Oct have been wild! what with building and the security side of the company, we’ve not had chance to stand still! .... changes..... well where to start! The training area is 100% different, we have an office/classroom/shop, we have new stations, we have power (almost), plumbing (almost) and generally progress! Security has had a mix up, Scott took on Operations and Lee stepped across to training (yay, more help), we gained sites and lost sites! training grew, we gained trainers, gained new workshops and events.... toss and fetch being my fav! we made friends with a local daycare, so if you have a dog locally, we can highly recommend a place for daycare!

members have come and members have gone, but so many new offers and deals are coming , I literally need less building and there’s gonna be a massive shake up! So many behaviourals and new clients, exciting times ahead :)

don’t forget to join us on WhatsApp! And keep spreading the word! Big love everyone, thanks for sticking with us ✌🏻

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