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Oh Odie!

Updated: May 23, 2020

So Odie's first day of training certainly went down a treat!!

Everyone meet Odie! The pet dog Cocker Spaniel who needs some obedience! He belongs to an amazing NHS nurse who is working her socks off on the respiratory ward so actively treating COVID-19, so understandably, Mr Odie's training has been on pause for a bit, but not anymore! As a HUGE thank you to our NHS and Odie's mum, I have offered to train Odie for her and this benefits you lucky people as you get some more Paw`esome content to help you train your dogs too!

I started the day by picking Odie up from his house, contactless of course! I then took him and Nova, my Dutch Herder for a walk in the park to burn off that initial excitement of seeing each other and the morning hypes (this is what I call Nova's morning antics). I kept Odie on a lead initially as I did some of the name game, which you will see in a video, so he would learn to respond to his name with me, as I hadn't seen Odie since he was 5 months old, so did the name game to establish what I expect from him before letting him have the freedom of the park. While Nova was charging around like the nutter she is, Odie did super once we had established that his name was Odie and that I wanted him to listen to me, which is essential as he is not my dog, therefore, I needed to establish some ground rules and expectations!

I then placed Odie on a long line to allow him to have safe, free rein of the park, which he loved, I did a few recall games with the boy, which he did amazing at despite the busy, distractions of the park! I will do a video on recall training very soon as I know you are all chomping at the bit to have a reliable recall with your dogs!

Upon arriving home, after some chill time, and a well deserved cuppa if you ask me! We went into the garden to do some training, Odie did awesomely! Very keen to learn and so willing to please! We did the name game, learned to sit and wait, and had good fun! I hope you enjoy the videos starring Odie! He is a blank canvas so you will be seeing a lot more of the boy for obedience and maybe some tricks!

See you all soon!

- Mia

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