So Sorry it's been so long, things are changing...

I'm so far behind on this blog and I apologise for that, things have been absolutely wild, we have been hard at work building and improving the training area, as well as trying to dig out stuck lorries :(.

but we now have plumbing (mostly) sewage and most of a fence up, the Iso containers are in and being levelled off ready to cut.

We now have our kennels up and running, 15 of them, all heated and cosy. We are also starting to gain more and more dogs, Vandal is back :( but this time for good and we now have little Ruby too who will be trained and re-homed.

ScentWork is ready to start.... but lockdown (again) ... we have ScentworkUK and WSDA instructors so 2 lines to go down. We are also trying to thrash out a new fun competition/training plan to work through for all dogs.... so watch for that coming soon :).

I'll try and be better and update you all more regularly :)

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