Security Dog Training

Working in the security industry it is vitally important to get the best training for your four legged partner, so when it is put to the test you can count on each other.

Our head trainer knows this all to well from working on the frontlines in the military. You should be able to understand and anticipate each other when working.

To achieve this we go well above to recommended training suggested by the industry standard setters.

Our training team will give you the knowledge to arm yourself so you and your dog can give each other and your business the best when working.

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Security Dog Training

Security dog training

It doesn't matter if your are qualified under NASDU, NTIPDU or BIPDT. Our team can help you.

We regularly run continuation training days, with typically 3 days a week set aside for this. Our sessions do not follow a strict program, we work on what training YOU and YOUR dog need. Our CT days are now back to being grouped sessions but usually only one team will be training at a time on the field, working on a rotation so the dogs get time to recover and rest between training. We don't stop these days until the dogs are happy and the handlers are tired!

We also carry out assessments and quarterly's if you require them. We can also assess dogs on suitability for potential work in the industry. If there is something more unusual or specific your require we can probably help you out, or point you in the right direction.

Please see the updated price list below.

Continuation Training

General Purpose 


Tobacco, Drugs & Pyrotechnics Detection


Explosive Detection


One to One sessions

£ P.O.A


General Purpose Annual


General Purpose Quarterly


Tobacco, Drugs & Pyrotechnics Detection


Explosives Detection


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