Security Dog Teams

We pride ourselves in providing quality service that leaves our clients and customers satisfied.

We can provide a number of different canine capabilities depending on the type of security you require or what threat your intelligence suggests. All our handlers are vetted in accordance with British Standards and provide honest feedback to ourselves and clients.

Our military backgrounds from intelligence gathering to working dog deployment give us an edge in carrying out our jobs and we regularly test and retrain our handlers and team.

Security Dog Teams

Having a dogs senses used for your security can save valuable time and man hours when protecting or searching for items that may disrupt your own operations otherwise. No piece of technology can replace what a dog can do, with the ability to protect, search, track, detect, deter, detain over small and large areas makes a security dog team a wise choice alone or embedded with other security measures.

Below are the teams we are able to deploy with either a high or low profile depending on the task. All of our handlers are vetted and comply to British Standards. Other classifications are available on special request or dependant on operation requirements.

General Purpose Security

These teams can stand alone or be a massive force multiplier when imbedded with other security measures.

Providing protection and deterrent to your property or infrastructure against vandalism, break ins and theft.

Drugs Detection

If drugs are effecting the running of your business then a drugs dog can help by providing a deterrent at points of entry by scanning people, most people carrying will simply turn away seeing a dog than risk the chance in getting caught and detained. The teams also have the ability to find hidden stashes in buildings and vehicles.

Tobacco Detection

With the illegal tobacco industry avoiding almost 2 billion pounds in tax, dog detection teams play a vital role in reducing the time it takes to find hidden stashes at suspected hides up and down the country. Our handlers are available all year round to assist government agencies and the like, saving valuable time so the man hours can be used elsewhere.

Pyrotechnics Detection

Pyrotechnics at football matches, festivals and concerts pose a big health and safety risk to all who attend as well as the potential to destroy assets by fire. The detection dog teams are a proven asset on the entrance gates and many people dump their pyrotechnics in a bin than risk getting caught and banned from the event.

Explosives Detection

Able to search any area, building or vehicle, these search teams save valuable time and money. Trained to find all explosive scents laid down as a national guideline by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). A must have asset against bomb threats or suspicious activity.

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