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Detection Dogs

These highly trained teams can detect all scents laid down by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) who work closely with the government agencies on the latest threats. Today any venue, VIP area or place with a large gathering of people is likely to be a target by acts of terrorism and bomb threats.

These Explosive Detection Teams are a valuable and must have asset when is comes to searching for explosives or providing assurance that areas are search properly. They are incredibly cost effective and fast in comparison to human search teams. With the dogs sense of smell some threats would otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked by the untrained human eye.

Explosive Detection Teams can search the following:

  •   Open areas

  •   Any size building or venue

  •   Routes that VIPS might take

  •   Vehicles

  •   Boats

  •   Aircraft

These teams can be deployed discretely if needed.

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