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General Purpose Security Dogs

General Purpose (GP) security dog teams can often reduce the need and cost for multiple Security Guards to secure larger sites and are a physical barrier between a valuable assets and a threat. These teams are the first to patrol and secure valuable assets and properties by providing a visual and audible deterrent against opportunistic threats. For more determined threats the handler can rely on the dogs senses to detect people in hiding and where they may have been recently. The dog is also there to provide protection to the handler should the threats become aggressive. 

Where most other security measures are a deterrent and delaying tactic, these GP Teams can be proactive and follow up actions in almost any areas, including but not limited to the following:

  •   Industrial sites

  •   Construction sites

  •   Solar farms

  •   Agricultural/Equine Farms

  •   Private residences

These can be deployed across the UK and a standalone team or embedded with other security teams.

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