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Armatus Canine Working Dog CT

Operational Working Dog Training

It is vital that dog and handler teams working across all operational roles perform at their best as this is critical from a safety and security perspective. To achieve this, regular training is imperative as this keeps both dog and handler current and working effectively.


Armatus Canine offer continuation training for both operational security and detection dog teams by approved NASDU Trainers and an BIPDT assessor. Our Training Facility have the capacity to support detection dogs on a variety of odours, including drugs, pyrotechnics, tobacco and live explosive substances. We regularly hold external training events for variety in training and added realism.

We are able to provide continuation training, annual certification and quarterly assessments for NASDU and BIPDT qualified handlers. The Armatus Team have multiple NASDU approved trainers with a wide range of experience.

We also offer trained and part trained working dogs, in both security and detection roles and can source dogs to meet specific requirements. Having provided dogs to the military, police and private sector for a number of years we have a proven track record and a unique insight into the standard required.

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