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Peak Performance Club Armatus Canine

Peak Performance

Have you completed our Obedience Bootcamp Course and are feeling inspired to continue on your dog training journey? 


It’s okay if you don’t know what options there are to explore, or how to pursue a new area of interest - Armatus Canine are here to help! Peak Performance Club offers a wide variety of activities to try out with your dog, including: 

  • Competition-level obedience, showing you how to take your obedience to the next level

  • Introduction to agility style obstacles

  • Nosework, where you can learn about tracking and other types of work that gets your dogs using their noses

  • Confidence building, helping your dog to navigate different environments 

  • Livestock desensitisation (we have sheep, alpacas, ducks and chickens)


For those who want to take their training to the next level, we will be hosting regular competitions in all areas of Peak Performance activities, giving you the opportunity to test you and your dogs skills at fun and challenging events. 


Peak Performance Club also comes with access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you can speak with and see updates from other Club members, the training team and other members of the Armatus Canine support community. 


If you are looking to take your training to the next level, and looking for a chance to explore all of the fun and exciting activities and hobbies that are out there, Peak Performance Club is here!

Peak Performance Club Armatus Canine
Peak Performance Club Armatus Canine
Peak Performance Club Armatus Canine
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