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SIA approved contractor Armatus Canine

Dogs have been employed by humans since early domestication to detect, deter and defend against threats against our interests. They are so unique that they cannot be replaced by technology. 

Although admittedly a Security Dog Team will cost more than a Security Guard, a Security Dog Team is worth a handful of Security Guards. Having a trained security dog as part of the team  or stand alone firstly means you gain the peoples perception of security dogs and this acts as a big deterrent against opportunistic threats. Secondly you gain the senses of the dog which when used correctly, is capable of patrolling or searching large areas and detect people/prohibited items that are hidden or if people have recently passed through an area. 

Lastly Security Dog Teams are there as a physical barrier between threats and your interests and are capable to protect themselves in higher risk environments.

So why choose an Armatus Canine Security Dog Team?

All our handlers are vetted to British Standard 7858 and managed by an award winning staff management system PARiM.
Our handlers are qualified under the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and carry out regular training.
As an SIA Approved Contractor we have proven that Armatus Canine has been vetted and is one of the industry's best security providers.
Armatus Canine currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS Status) for the provision of Security Guarding


General Purpose (GP) security dog teams can often reduce the need and cost for multiple Security Guards to secure larger sites and are a physical barrier between a valuable assets and a threat. These teams are the first to patrol and secure valuable assets and properties by providing a visual and audible deterrent against opportunistic threats. For more determined threats the handler can rely on the dogs senses to detect people in hiding and where they may have been recently. The dog is also there to provide protection to the handler should the threats become aggressive. 

Where most other security measures are a deterrent and delaying tactic, these GP Teams can be proactive and follow up actions in almost any areas, including but not limited to the following:

  - Industrial sites

  - Construction sites

  - Solar farms

  - Agricultural/Equine Farms

  - Private residences

These can be deployed across the UK and a standalone team or embedded with other security teams.


Drugs Detection (DD) Teams are incredibly effective as a visual deterrent alone. Many people would prefer not to risk being denied access to a venue or workplace when Drug Detection Teams are searching. When searching on a regular basis they can cut down on drug issues at any particular venue or area. They can be deployed to actively seek out hidden stashes (Proactive Teams) of drugs or to screen people entering a venue (Passive Teams).

They can be deployed at (but are not limited to) the following:

  - Schools/University's

  - Clubs/Bars

  - Stadiums

  - Festivals

  - Party's

  - Places of work where drug use/dealing is an issue


With the illegal tobacco industry costing the government over 3 billion pounds in lost revenue yearly, an increase in local crime and Health and Safety Concerns, these Tobacco Detection Teams play a vital role in reducing the time it takes to find hidden stashes in shops and warehouses across the UK. Having illegal tobacco sold on your premises can cause heavy backlash and fines from government agencies.

Our handlers are available all year round to assist company's and government agencies such as HMRC, UK Border Agency and Trading Standards.


Events across the UK can have unwanted delays and safety issues when those who attend bring items such as fireworks, flares, smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics. They have the potential to get out of hand and could cause fires and cause panic in crowds.

Pyrotechnic Detection Teams can screen people attending events before or after other checkpoints as an added level of assurance. Like Drug Detection Teams they have a great capability of turning people with pyrotechnics or causing them to ditch what they are carrying before they attempt to enter the premises or event.

They can be deployed at (but are not limited to) the following:

  - Schools/University's

  - Clubs/Bars

  - Stadiums

  - Festivals


These highly trained teams can detect all scents laid down by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) who work closely with the government agencies on the latest threats. Today any venue, VIP area or place with a large gathering of people is likely to be a target by acts of terrorism and bomb threats.

These Explosive Detection Teams are a valuable and must have asset when is comes to searching for explosives or providing assurance that areas are search properly. They are incredibly cost effective and fast in comparison to human search teams. With the dogs sense of smell some threats would otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked by the untrained human eye.

Explosive Detection Teams can search the following:

  - Open areas

  - Any size building or venue

  - Routes that VIPS might take

  - Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft

These teams can be deployed discretely if needed.

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