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Security and Search Dog Teams

Armatus Canine supply professional security patrol dog teams 365 days a year to keep your assets, staff and clients secure. All qualified and vetted to British Standards, our high quality teams are ready to deploy across the UK from construction sites to residential or even VIP security.  


​Although admittedly a Security Dog Team will cost more than a Security Guard, a Security Dog Team is worth a handful of Security Guards. Having a trained security dog as part of the team  or stand alone firstly means you gain the peoples perception of security dogs and this acts as a big deterrent against opportunistic threats. Secondly you gain the senses of the dog which when used correctly, is capable of patrolling or searching large areas and detect people/prohibited items that are hidden or if people have recently passed through an area. 

Lastly Security Dog Teams are there as a physical barrier between threats and your interests and are capable to protect themselves in higher risk environments.

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