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Armatus Canine Dog Training Midlands

Professional, friendly and honest dog training

The team at Armatus Canine go above and beyond the minimum mark when it comes to training, when we step onto the field all egos are left at the gate. All of our training is relaxed, professional and tailored to your needs.

When it comes to training we make every effort to pass on our experience and ensure when owners and handlers walk away they are confident in what they have been taught so they can carry on the training at home, as that's where it really matters.

We are a Veteran-owned and run company, and we take great pride in applying decades of dog training experience to help you to achieve your training goals. Each member of our Training Team brings a breadth of experience from different walks of life, offering unique and invaluable insight into all areas of dog training. This allows us to ensure that you receive the best guidance and support, no matter the training goal.  

All of our profit from training goes directly into advancing our new training centre to provide better training experiences for owners and dogs.

We offer our services and experience to pet dog owners for all sorts of training, from simple tricks and becoming a respectable member of society to competition winners!

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