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Armatus Canine


Armatus Canine supply professional security patrol dog teams 365 days a year to keep your assets, staff and clients secure. All qualified and vetted to British Standards, our high quality teams are ready to deploy across the UK from construction sites to residential or even VIP security. 

Our Detection Dog Teams or 'sniffer dogs' can be utilised in many areas. As part of event security to deter unwanted behaviour such as drug use, act as a deterrent against pyrotechnics at a football stadium or as reassurance against bomb threats.



Our expertise covers pet dog training and security dog training. Our approach is tailored to you and your dog. Our bespoke dog training will deal with any issues such as aggressive behaviour or reactivity. We can also help you explore the world of dog sports by joining our Scentwork UK classes, PSA club or IGP club. Our obedience bootcamps are also a flexible way for you to improve the quality of life for you and your dog. 

We regularly run continuation training, quarterly assessments, annual assessments and team certifications. We can mark them under NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users), NTIPDU (National Training Inspectorate of Professional Dog Users) or BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers). Classifications we cover are General Purpose, Drug Detection, Pyrotechnics Detection, Tobacco Detection and Explosives Detection.

Our training isn't limited to your dog, whether you're looking to get into the security industry as a dog handler or simply want to further your knowledge of dog ownership with a dog first aid, then a classroom-based course with us could be the answer.

These classes and training run all year round at our training centre in Leicestershire, just outside Melton Mowbray easily accessible from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Northamptonshire.



If you can't get down to our dog training centre in Leicestershire, then let Armatus Canine come to you. We are proud to offer an online dog training portal that is available 24/7 and usable on your mobile phone. The membership comes with a library of dog training videos, a members only WhatsApp group with our trainers and a 10% discount on face to face training.

You can also take advantage of our coaching plans offered by our Head Trainer and Master Dog Trainer Jazz. With different plans to suit all budgets, its a great way to get the help you need without traveling miles.


Armatus Canine is owned and run by ex-military personnel, guaranteeing a professional security and dog training experience. Our values and passion for dogs shows in our quality of service and knowledge. 

Following our years in the forces, together we bring years of experience in security including surveillance, intelligence gathering, military working dog deployment and dog training. We drive for results by continuing to follow our values and standards from the military. 


We work day and night to ensure a higher standard of service is met. Our management team and professional trainers continue to test themselves to keep current in the ever changing world.  

As a specialist security provider, Armatus Canine is recognised as a Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor, meaning we are one of the top service providers in the security industry. 

Our dog training team always strives to deliver a tailored dog training experience that ensures you can see results and gives both the dog and owner feel a sense of achievement and are confident in their new abilities.

Natually we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, ensuring fair treatment and recognition to HM Forces members past and present. We offer a 10% discount on training and courses for veterans and serving members.

Read up about some of the Armatus Canine team below or to check out the latest dog training, reviews and more, pop over to our sites on social media.

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Chris's years in the Army includes experience in armoured reconnaissance that provides vital feedback to operational planning and being a Military Working Dog protection handler that understands the deployment of working dogs. After leaving the Army and working as a private security handler across the UK and at international ports, his passion for working dogs pushed him to start his own company that is now Armatus Canine. He is a recognised Trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers and a trained service decoy.

Managing Director

Jazz trialled her first gundog at the age of 8 with her dog trainer grandad. She has 10 years experience as an army dog trainer including the very unique training of its first dual role dogs in recent years. She is a NASDU and NTIPDU trainer and BIPDT member. She is proudly qualified and recognised as a Master Trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers, a canine behaviourist, canine nutritionist, a service decoy and a Canine First Aid instructor. She continually furthers her own, the teams (and other trainers) knowledge by completing courses at higher and higher levels currently studying at University.


Chris served as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army. He served in the Infantry and other specialist areas of the military.  Upon leaving the Army, Chris put his leadership and management skills to good use within the security industry.  He has worked in both operational and business development roles in multi-disciplined security environments. Apart from anything to do with dogs, Chris has a pilot’s licence, he commissioned into the RAF reserve serving another 12 years. Chris recently left the prison service after serving 5 years.  He enjoys a challenge and strives to achieve impeccable standards within our profession.


Paul served in the Army for fourteen years as a dog handler and trainer. He has trained a wide variety of specifications and breeds at the defence animal training centre, including explosive search and police dogs. He also has deployed overseas to handle military dogs operationally. Paul is a qualified NASDU instructor with great knowledge for all things training. He is particularly passionate about detection (including tracking). He also has a wealth of experience in protection dogs and bite work development. He is currently expanding his skills with further developing his qualifications in advanced canine behaviour.


Nadia has an extensive academic and professional career in Psychology. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology, and her Masters in Engineering Psychology, she has since gained over 7 years of experience applying her understanding of human behaviour to real-world, safety-critical environments for a number of large, global companies. She is now a chartered specialist in her field of work. In recent years, Nadia has since applied her comprehensive understanding of psychological principles and behaviour change to the world of dog training, using a holistic approach to support both dogs and their owners to achieve their training goals. 


Scott has over 14 years of military experience, he has been a Unmanned Air Vehicle Pilot and Commander trained to gather intelligence in support of ground troops and he has also been a Military Working Dog handler for Protection, Vehicle Search, Arms and Explosives Search and IED Detection. He has worked alongside UK and foreign special forces. Now keen on progressing his civilian career he is now a trained Scentwork UK and Canine First Aid Instructor as well as a trained decoy. He is working towards also becoming a full NASDU instructor and canine behaviourist.


Military Working Dog Titch (Retired) is our mascot and for good reason. She served 8 years in the army, 3 of which she spent in Afghanistan and was one of the most successful High Assurance Search Dogs to ever deploy, she has no doubt saved numerous lives and limbs and no amount of treats and cuddles can make up for that. She retired with her last military handler Jazz, our Director of Training and is still showing younger dogs and handlers how its done.


Severn Acres, Eastwell Road, 

Waltham-on-the-Wolds, LE14 4BP*

Email :

Phone : 01664 491601


09:00 - 17:00

Monday - Sunday

1-2-1 and other training may be outside these timings

*Please note our postcode is not accurate, use 'Armatus Canine' on Google maps or the pin on the map below.


Got a question? Simply drop us a message and we will provide you with nothing but honest answers.

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We work closely with other local businesses and are happy to provide mutual support to those that we see are setting high standards of service. Those below we see as meeting these standards: 


A Dogs Life Doggy Day Care is located in the heart of Grantham, in a private enclosed area with private parking. They have a 3000 square foot facility with large indoor and outdoor areas meaning your dog(s) can play and run around in all weather conditions safety. They have designed the facility with dog stimulation in mind and there's plenty to explore. They have four separate areas within the day-care to ensure all dogs can be in size appropriate groups ranging from puppies at 12 weeks to the older and wiser dogs that do things at their own pace. So if you're going out to work or have a long day planned that can't accommodate your dogs needs, check these guys out.

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The K9 Concept is run by dog lover Zsofi. Like us she knows that training dogs and owners needs to be entirely tailored and flexible, there is no ONE concept to train all owners and dogs effectively. She works with owners to provide a customised training program to suit their dogs. She runs one-to-one training, group training, pack walks, workshops and dog and trainer sessions. She also is a voluntary Search and Rescue Handler and Instructor, so can also help training SAR dogs. Apart from training, The K9 Concept also provides a drop in and dog walking service and will hire out their secure field. 

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