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Armatus Risks Canine Security Services Ltd is a veteran owned and run company providing specialised canine security teams and training.

We provide professional and reliable canine teams for clients across mainland UK. All are vetted in accordance with British Standards, hold a current Security Industry Authority Licence and trained under an appropriate awarding body.

Our management and training team are all ex-military and understand the need to provide a service that can be relied upon, does the job required and has minimal impact on the running of operations.

Our team can speak to you from experience as we have all handled and still handle in order to stay current with the hazards involved in modern day security.

Armatus Risks Canine Security Ltd are an Security Industry Authority approved contractor for security guarding.

We have also signed the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure fair treatment is given to the members of Her Majesty's Forces past and present.

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Explosive Detection Team

These dogs are trained to find all explosive scents laid down by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) as a national guideline. They work off lead in a harness under control of their handler who will use verbal commands and body movement to control the dog. They can work day or night, given sufficient lighting is available.

They are trained to search any area, building or vehicle of any size, also great for getting into areas humans can not. The breeds chosen are high in drive and can cover a search area rapidly and is very cost effective. So far, no piece of equipment can do what a dogs nose can do making it the best asset on the market for that extra level of assurance. Can be deployed discreetly.

General Purpose Security Dog Team

This capability is a massive force multiplier to anyone looking for security patrols, lessening the need for more manpower. Just the presence of a General Purpose Security Dog team on site will act as a visual deterrent to any would be intruder. Most intruders when challenged will not put up a fight to a security dog team. These dogs are chosen for there presence and drive.
They can be employed 7 days a week, day or night in all weather bar the most inclement. Because of their keen sense of smell and hearing, a dog has the ability to detect a hidden intruder that might be missed by a normal patrolling guard.

These dogs work on lead under constant control of the handler who is trained in reading the signs given by the dogs body language. The dogs aggression is trained on humans body language thus making them less of a hazard when working in busy environments.

Other classifications availalbe on request;              

Drugs Detection (Passive and Proactive), Pyrotecnic Detection and Tabacco Detection.

(More information to be added shortly)

We currently run the majority of our training out of our headquarters at Corby Business Centre.

Our Head Trainer Jasmin is an ex-Army Dog Trainer and gun dog trainer before that. She is currently a trainer/member of the National Association of Security Dog Users, National Training Inspectorate of Professional Dog Users and British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Our courses and continuation training sessions are run in small groups to ensure all trainees and handlers have the maximum amount of one to one time. The training is kept realistic, with trained decoys and live scents. We like to ensure all trainees/handlers and dogs walk away happy and confident in their new skills and abilities.

To keep training varied we have the ability to use local venues to conduct longer sessions and searches, and conduct scenario work for courses.

Together our training team can run the adjacent courses.

Course dogs can be supplied at no extra cost.

A discount of 10% will apply to veterans or serving members of HM Forces & previous Armatus Risks Canine students.


NITPDU courses can be run at the same prices.

NASDU Level 2 General Purpose Securitiy Dog Handler
 - £550

This course is generally the first step in any dog handlers career, to go on patrolling and deterring would be intruders from vulnerable sites, events, high value assets and VIPs. This courses teaches you the fundamentals of being a dog handler from canine anatomy, health and safety, animal welfare to behaviours, training and working.

NASDU Level 3 General Purpose Security Dog Handler
 - £POA

This course can be a later addition or new handlers can start at a level 3 if they wish. Level 3 adds Tracking to your qualification. Handlers and dogs will be trained to a standard set by NASDU that qualifies them to track people across any terrain. 

NASDU Level 3 Drugs Detection Passive & Proactive
 - £POA

The Level 3 Drugs detection dog handler course comes in 2 variants, the passive search; a passive scanning human searching dog and a proactive search; a dog that searches everything but humans for illegal narcotics. These courses can be separate or run back to back. 

NASDU Level 3 Tobacco Detection 
 - £2000

The tobacco detection dog is becoming ever more poular with the rise in illegal and counterfit cigarettes entering the uk.

NASDU Level 3 Pyrotechnics Detection Dog 
 - £2400

The Pyrotechnics detection dog is often a bolt on course of passive drugs detection, making them highly employable for events, football grounds and festivals.

NASDU Level 4 Explosives Detection Dog 
 - £3200

This course is becoming ever more popular with civilian dog handlers, once known as a very military flooded market, it has very much become a mainstream course. The vast majority of major events require an explosives search dog sweep prior to public opening and in this ever more hostile climate this is becoming more and more common.

Continuation Training - All levels

All levels of working dog require continuation training, we provide for all levels and classifications. We have 4 qualified decoys, live venues, live training aids & a wealth of knowledge and experience.

General Purpose £37

Tobacco, Drugs & Pyrotechnics Detection £45

Explosive Detection £55

Assessments - All levels

As we hold live training aids we can offer assessments at all levels.


General Purpose, Annually £60 (Quarterly £40) 

Tobacco, Drugs and Pyrotechnics Detection £100

Explosive Detection £150


A collection of cars we've renovated with passion


If you have any questions about ours services or business, please submit a form below and we will reply to your enquiry ASAP.

You can alternatively get in touch through one of our social media pages.


Our address is:

Office 1 ,

Corby Business Centre,

Eismann way, 


NN17 5ZB


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ARCS complies with the following standards:

  • Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Status (ACS) for the provision of security guarding services.

  • Associate Company Member of National Association of Security Dogs Users (NASDU).

  • BS 7858:2012 Code of practice for security screening of individuals employed in a security environment.

  • BS 8517-2:2016 Code of practice for the use of detection dogs.

  • BS 8517-1:2009 Code of practice for the use of general purpose security dogs.

  • BS 7499:2013 Code of practice for static site guarding and mobile patrol service